Firestone International specializes in employee relations, that is, the provision of services that focus on achieving a higher level of employee satisfaction in the workplace. Increased employee satisfaction leads to increased productivity and the retention of top performing employees. The overall focus is to make the workplace a more positive environment for both the employer and the employee. When appropriate, our services are supported through the use of psychometric assessment tools through our strategic business partnership with Profiles International. For more information about Profiles International and the benefits to be gained through the use of assessments visit

Employee Relations Services

Our Employee Relations Services:

1. We assist organizations in making better hiring decisions as staff turnover is very costly.

2. We measure, monitor and re-direct talent & abilities of existing staff in ways that will make them more
     effective, profitable and self-fulfilled. 

3. Services are customized to the organization based on an assessment of employee relations needs.

4. Through our strategic business partnership with Profiles International, the world leader in 5th generation
     assessment tools, all services are supported using objective data. Profiles International assessments are
     internet-driven with immediate results delivered to the assessing manager. 
5. Client benefits from these services include:
		a.  Reduced staff turnover
		b.  Improved productivity
		c.  Hiring honest, reliable & dependable employees
		d.  Hiring employees that match organizational culture
		e.  Building stronger teams
		f.   Expedited change implementation and acceptance

     All of which lead to increased profitability!