Firestone International Associates, Inc. was founded in the United Kingdom in 1994. At that time, it was decided that the previous successful management experience gained over numerous years could be best utilized by assisting other organizations in achieving employee and employer successes. The company was moved to the United States in 2001, at the request of a major client.

Our Primary Mission is to foster the development & maintenance of a positive work 
environment for both the employee and employer by providing tools & processes to
increase employee job satisfaction and maximize productivity.

Client Case Study Results:
    a.  '…turnover reduced from 70% to 30% and we added $100,000 to
             our bottom line.'
    b.  '…the job study resulted in our ability to project a 256% increase in sales.'
    c.  '…in two years we have reduced screening time by 45% and hiring time by 30%.'
    d.  '…annualized turnover in one of my stores fell from 1200% to 200% without 
             any changes but implementation of your processes.'
    e.  '…have used other assessments and found that switching to yours we got better, 
            more comprehensive information with immediate turnaround at a lower cost.'
    f.  '…involuntary terminations reduced from 35% to 10%.'
    g.  '…turnover in one year is down from 65% to 23%, saving $525,000.'
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